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The Highest standard in precision

Quality „Made in Germany“ by unigrind GmbH & Co. KG

Since 1984 unigrind has been offering high-quality machining and testing products
for industrial valves. This includes products for the machining of sealing surfaces
on industrial valves, pumps, pipelines, turbine housings, compressors, etc.

unigrind develops and produces industrial valve test stands for pressure, leak, and flow testing on gates,
butterfl y valves, valves, ball valves, safety valves, etc.

Our company has been certifi ed according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1999. Our products are
developed and produced in-house. At unigrind "Made in Germany" means "Made in Stolberg".
Only in this way is it possible to always provide our customers with products in the highest quality.

The unigrind product range includes:

  • Portable grinding and lapping machines
  • Technology and processes for grinding safety valves
  • Portable turning and milling machines
  • High-speed grinding technology
  • Stationary grinding and turning technology
  • Flat lapping machines
  • Portable devices for pressure testing
  • Stationary and mobile valve test stands
  • Project planning of workshops for repair of valves
  • Project planning and construction of special
    workshop containers

The introduction of a patented high-speed valve grinding machine in 1999 was a milestone for valve service. unigrind is a technological leader in high-speed grinding and safety valve grinding technology. unigrind currently sells products in more than 80 countries around the world. The industrial valves sector can rely on unigrind ’s comprehensive know-how now and in the future.


  • Plant construction
  • Apparatus construction
  • Valve trade
  • Manufacturers of valves
  • Valve service companies
  • Mining
  • Chemical industry
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Gas manufacturers
  • Rubber manufacturers
  • Combined heat and power stations
  • Heating plant
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Steel works
  • Food industry
  • Refuse incinerators
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pipelines
  • Steel industry

Factory I, Frackersberg

Werk I, Frackersberg Gebäude Werk I, Frackersberg Maschine VMC 800 Werk I, Frackersberg Produktion

Factory II, Jägerhausstraße

Werk II, Jägerhausstraße Gebäude Werk II, Jägerhausstraße GebäudeWerk II, Jägerhausstraße Maschinen Werk II, Jägerhausstraße Lager